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APM Conference to 15th Anniversary of teaching Meridian Massage in the Czech republic. Introducing of new diagnostic system ACUM

The Conference dedicated to the 15th Anniversary of teaching Meridian Massage by W. Penzel in the Czech Republic was held in Prague on 14th and 15th September.

At this conference was presented the new diagnostic system, which is able to show  on patients and clients state of the organism in point of view of the balance of yin and yang. Thanks brand new SW is the new diagnostic system able to show weakened organs on the computer  and  prevent various types of diseases in the human body.

At this conference were presented measurement results of herbal mixture PhytoChi by first patients and  clients too.  Measurements are indeed at the beginning.

The results showed significant impact on maintaining balance YIN and YANG in the human body (homeostasis harmonization) with our excellent herbal mixture PhytoChi. The reason are the high-quality herbs, unique composition and Phyto True™ system.

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