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Has PhytoChi some contraindications except situation before transplantation?


Answer: PhytoChi was formulated for its slow balancing effects, so that one can safely take it daily for extended periods of time.  I purposely formulated it this way so that none of the ingredients in PhytoChi is high enough to cause fast-acting drug-like effects but, instead, supply missing nutrients in the body which are needed to balance and maintain a person’s
health.  So, there are no more contraindications using PhytoChi than rating fruits and vegetables.  Regarding contraindication after an organ transplant, I am not sure this is actually the case.  My recommendation might be just an extreme caution on my part, because I am not sure if PhytoChi would only act as an immunostimulant rather than as an immunosuppressant when the body needs the latter effect after organ transplant.

Chinese tonic herbs often typically act in opposite directions, depending on the state of yin/yang balance in the person.  For example, schisandra has both stimulant and sedative effects, depending on the person’s health condition; and astragalus, lycium, cured fo-ti, reishi, etc. Have immunoregulatory effects (meaning: stimulating or suppressing, depending on the person’s immune status).  Since all the herbal ingredients are tonic herbs that have been used safely and beneficially for centuries in China both as food and medicine, it is best for us to remind ourselves to think of PhytoChi as a mixture of fruits and vegetables, not as drugs/medicines.  Do people stop eating their fruits and vegetables when they are ill or under
medication?  Most of the time, the answer is no.  For people who have little contact with exotic fruits and vegetables, it would take time for them to get used to eating things like durian fruit (smells like cat urine but tastes delicious) or tonghao vegetable (chrysanthemum leaf) that has a distinct odor of chrysanthemum.  To some westerners not used to taking
Chinese herbs, PhytoChi may be like exotic fruits and vegetables to them. Is so, they may have to be more adventurous, otherwise they’d be stuck with drugs and poor health.

Incidentally, some people may be allergic to any one of the numerus phytonutrients (or even the preservative) in PhytoChi or undergo detoxification taking it.  The reactions can be anything (headache, rash, gastrointestinal, etc.) but never serious, as far as I know.  When that
happens, stop taking it or reducing the dosage and then slowly increasing it again, depending on the situation.  Dr. Leung

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