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Phyto CZ, s.r.o. and Albert Y. Leung created a brand new product PhytoChik

PhytoChík® is a harmonizing herbal drink prepared according to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, with vitamins and minerals. It is a complex food supplement with calcium and iodine, which are needed for normal growth and development of bones in children.

PhytoChík® is a unique mixture of herbal substances, vitamins and minerals. Its composition is not random; it rather combines the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and modern science with the requirements and needs of people of today’s hasty times. PhytoChík® is suitable for users from 3 years of age.

The choice of vitamins and minerals is based on scientific knowledge and recommendations based on clinical studies conducted in the Czech Republic from 2007 to 2011 with more than 4,350 participants of younger age. The chosen minerals and vitamins significantly contribute in their daily dose to the normal function of numerous parts of the human body (teeth, bones, muscles, the nervous system, thyroid gland, hair, nails, skin, vision). In general, these minerals and vitamins contribute to an optimum function of the human metabolism and to the normal function of our immune system.

PhytoChík®, similarly as PhytoChi®, is based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine (harmonizing YIN and YANG) and contains 8 key herbs of traditional Chinese medicine (phytotherapy). For thousands of years, Chinese herbs have been known to provide the following to man:

Immune system enhancement – detoxification – keeping health and vitality – harmonizing homeostasis

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